Bike Kit Opaque - (care for matt finished motorcycles)

    Product code: SE1715707

    Bike Kit Opaque - (care for matt finished motorcycles)

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    Shipping Weight: 5.00 lbs

    • Special products to care for your bike - fuel repellent Bike Sheen Opaque carnauba wax for your bike
    • Perfectly caters for the care and protection needs of matt paintwork, wheels, chrome, helmets
    • Made by bikers for bikers - small products that can be taken along
    Included in the scope of delivery:
    • Swissvax Bike Sheen Opaque wax 50ml
    • Swissvax Pre-cleaner Opaque 100ml
    • Swissvax Bike Bath Opaque 100ml
    • Swissvax Quick Finish Opaque 250ml
    • Swissvax black applicator
    • Swissvax Micro Absorb microfibre towel (rose)
    • Swissvax Metal & Chrome Polish 50 ml
    • Sontara Polishing Cloth for Chrome Polish
    • The famous Swissvax Handbook
    • Swissvax carrying bag

    The Swissvax Bike Kit includes the basic Swissvax bike care products for your first 10 Swissvax bike care applications and comes in a handy carrying bag.