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    Hand Car Wash

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    The Swissvax Dual Wash System has been developed and manufactured by Grit Guard USA, the first address when it comes to clever hand car wash solutions.

    Hand-Washing just got safer and simpler! (The 2 Bucket Method)

    By rinsing out the Waschpudel (wash mitt) in the "Rinse Bucket" before reloading it with soap in the "Wash Bucket", virtually far less dirt is returned to the paint surface. Dramaticlly reducing the chances of scratches that could potentally be induced into the vehicle(s) paintwork while in the hand-washing process. The Swissvax Dual Wash-System effortlessly rolls wherever you need it thanks to the 5 heavy-duty urethane casters and rugged dolly. The 2 dollies are connected with an optional chrome diamond plate connector.

    NOTE: Improper washing & drying techniques are the main cause for scratches in paintwork. The basis for a safer hand car wash is the Grit-Guard Insert. The Grit Guard Insert provides excellent protection against wash-induced scratches by keeping the dirt and other road grits at the bottom of the bucket, seperate from the wash mitt.

    "The Swissvax Dual Wash-System makes a great gift for any car enthusiast. It assembles in a couple of minutes, requiring no tools, looks amazing and causes neighbors to envy your process."

    The Swissvax Dual Wash-System includes:

    • 2 Swissvax Branded, 5 gallon buckets
    • 2 Gamma Seal Lids (threaded and w/ rubber seal)
    • 2 Grit Guard Inserts (one for each bucket)
    • 2 Dollies with 5 heavy-duty urethane casters (2 of them with a brake)
    • 1 Dolly-Connector (heavy-duty chrome diamond plate)