PNEU WHITE - Cleaner for White Wall tires, 250 ml

    Product code: SE1052310

    PNEU WHITE - Cleaner for White Wall tires, 250 ml

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    Shipping Weight: 1.00 lbs

    • Makes cleaning and maintaining whitewall tyres in perfect shape a snap
    • Easy and fast to use for a perfect and period correct appearance
    • incl. Pneu White applicator pads

    Collectors and enthusiasts of certain classic cars know the dilemma: For the perfect appearance and period-correct look of their vehicle whitewall tyres should be fitted. If only these tyres weren't that hard to clean and maintain in perfect shape. And not to mention the consequences of a collision of the tyre with the kerbstone...

    Swissvax also has a solution for these worries and problems: Pneu White makes cleaning and maintaining your whitewall tyres a snap. You can just apply it on a Pneu White Cleaner Applicator Pad , spread it evenly on the side wall of the tyre, let it work for an instance and then wash the side wall with copious amounts of water. Job done.

    Thanks to Swissvax you can follow your heart and award your automobile investment with whitewall tyres without having to fear or regret any inconvenience.