LEATHER GLAZE, 150 ml - transparent leather sealant

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    LEATHER GLAZE, 150 ml - transparent leather sealant

    Leather care

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    • Drastically reduces signs of wear and ensures that new leather remains new
    • A must-have care product for the driver seats, nappa leather steering wheels and nappa leather shift knobs
    • Keeps your leather interior in mint factory condition

    With Swissvax Leather Glaze new leather remains new for many years thanks to the colourless protective layer provided by Leather Glaze which drastically reduces any signs of wear. Nappa leather drivers seats, steering wheels and shift knobs are places where the leather undergoes the most noticeable wear - even on new cars. That's why every leather interior should be protected with Leather Glaze for keeping it in mint "factory" condition - an inexpensive measure and little time invested for the best interior maintenance on your automobile investment. It noticeably reduces surface friction and gives added protection from jeans discolorations.