LEATHER HEALER Leather Dye, 150 ml

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    LEATHER HEALER Leather Dye, 150 ml

    Leather care

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    Please refer to the matching leather color-code map displayed below. To be sure we have your matching color, please email sales@swissvax.us before purchasing.

    "Please use below color card to determine if there is a standard color for your use.If so, please type it in the box above standard color code (code example. F001). "

    If there is no Standard Colour Code suitable for your application, please describe it in the text field “Special Colour Code” instead (i.e.: BMW, E46, Montana black). Or you may send us a small sample piece of the leather as a reference (i.e.: removed from under the seats in a normally invisible area).

    • The ultimate and easy-to-apply nappa leather refurbishing dye
    • It is easy to apply and sets automatically and permanently, without leaving a heavy layer of pigments as often encountered with other leather tinting
    • The fine and natural structure as well as the typical original feel of nappa leather are perfectly preserved
    • Is applied after the thorough preparation of the leather surface with Leather Benzine and Leather Cleaner

    Certain areas of your automobile's leather interior like seats, shift knobs, arm rests, side mouldings and steering wheels inevitably start to show signs of wear, even if well taken care of, that spoil one's overall impression. Often these imperfections are not serious and are simply colour that has worn off or light scratches in the leather surface which can be corrected and will disappear with the right application technique and our leather dye. Swissvax Leather Healer is an easy-to-apply leather dye comprising a high number of super fine pigments combining best opacity with a minimum thickness of the dye application so that the look and feel of the nappa leather is not affected. The Swissvax dye is easily applied with a small sponge and sets automatically and permanently without leaving a heavy layer of pigments as it is often the case with many sprayed-on leather tinting. The leather's fine and natural structure as well as its typical original feel are perfectly preserved.

    We have 46 Standard Colours or you can also send us a small leather sample and we will match the Leather Healer perfectly to your interiors leather colour.

    • Standard Colorcode F001-F022

    • Standard Colorcode F023-F046