CRYSTAL Glass Cleaner 1000 ml

    Product code: SE1032440

    CRYSTAL Glass Cleaner 1000 ml

    Glass & Vinyl Windows

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    • Premixed, ready-to-use glass cleaner in a handy spray bottle
    • Cleans effortlessly and effectively with no streaking leaving nothing but a crystal clear glass surface
    • Provides excellent cleaning results with ease in minimum time

    Swissvax Crystal Glass Cleaner is a premixed, ready-to-use glass cleaner that appeals to even the most sophisticated concours d'elegance enthusiasts. It effortlessly and effectively cleans with no streaking and without damaging any tint or film on the windows leaving nothing but a crystal clear glass surface. Cleaning windows becomes a quick and easy job with immaculate results when using Crystal Glass Cleaner and a clean soft Swissvax Micro-Wash microfibre cloth (yellow) followed by a clean Swissvax Micro Polish microfiber cloth (blue) for buffing the windows to a high gloss.