BIKE SHEEN Motorbike wax (fuel repellent), 50 ml

    Product code: SE1015705

    BIKE SHEEN Motorbike wax (fuel repellent), 50 ml


    Shipping Weight: 1.00 lbs

    • Fuel repellent Bike Sheen carnauba wax for your bike
    • Wax only (for refill of Bike Kit)
    • Prepare the paintwork with Cleaner Fluid prior to the wax application
    Important: please note that before the first application of a Swissvax wax, the paint must be pre-treated without fail with Cleaner Fluid Regular so that the wax can successfully adhere to the paintwork.

    Bike Sheen is an innovative, modern Carnauba wax for motorcycles. Its clever fuel repellent formulation even protects airbrush artworks and protects the paint from micro scratches. A wax container of 50ml is sufficient for 5 or more wax applications whereby we recommend you to wax your vehicle every 3 to 6 months meaning that with one container of wax you can maintain your motorcycle(s) for more than two years.

    Before Bike Sheen is applied, the paint has to be prepared with Swissvax Cleaner Fluid in order to ensure that the paintwork surface is perfectly clean and free of old wax residues and contaminations of old wax, acid rain, tar, insects and other remains and also to ensure that the wax can perfectly bond to the paintwork surface. Perfect preparation is the key to the world famous Swissvax finish.