ENDURANCE PTFE Glaze 200ml (Professional Use Only)

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    ENDURANCE PTFE Glaze 200ml (Professional Use Only)


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    • PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY! - Requires Heat Lamps or the vehicle to be is moderate sunlight.
    Please note: Before the wax is applied for the first time, it is imperative that the paintwork is pretreated with Cleaner Fluid Regular. Otherwise the wax will not bond with the paintwork.

    Containing considerably more PTFE than Shield and 40% Carnauba by volume, Endurance offers unparalleled durability and protection - up to nine months depending on driving conditions - as well as imparting a deep, reflective gloss to your paintwork.

    Colours are brightened and enhanced and flake pops out to greet the sun. Your paint will have a smooth, silky feel and thanks to the carefully-formulated recipe dirt and contamination will struggle to grip onto your car, like an egg in a non-stick frying pan, making regular washing much easier.

    A wax container of 200ml is sufficient for 20 wax applications or more whereby we recommend you to wax your vehicle every 4-6 months depending on usage, meaning that one container of wax allows you to maintain your automobile investment for more than three years in a condition which usually would be reserved to award-winning classics only.